Track Completed

Baseboard November 11th

Permanent Way crew (that’s me) have been busy. The trackwork is complete. The Clerk of Works (that’s me) may ask them to remove some of the sharper curves….

The Electrical Crew (yes, that’s me too) have started work and various switches and connectors are in place. The Missile Switches were for sale on Ebay and, although they are very big, I couldn’t resist them.

Some Layouts are Planned, Others…..

A Layout Emerges

Some layouts are the result of careful planning, others just emerge.. somehow.

I brought an oval of set track on eBay so that I could test the models I am building. Every time I wanted to test something I had to get the track out, assemble it and wire up the controller before I could start.

I decided to put the oval track on a baseboard so that it was available instantly. A quick rummage in the garage and I found some thin plywood for the base and a length of 25 x 32mm pine for the frame. These were ideal and a simple 78 x 58 cm baseboard was quickly created.

When I stood back to admire my work  and I realised that I have seen whole 009 layouts of this size.

Perhaps I could be a bit more ambitious and create a small layout on this board?

That’s when the fun started. Out came some track, points and I created paper templates for the curves. What emerged was a simple oval track plan with a country station featuring a passing loop, a goods siding and a loco siding. It seems to fit (!) and will be a much more interesting than the simple oval test track.

Now all I need to do is build it.