Diesel Driver Duo

I have three 09 locos, but only one of them has a driver. I am not ready for driverless vehicles, so something had to be done.

These two figures are by Monty’s Models from Dart Castings. On the left is MGV11 Seated Workman and on the right MGV10 Seated Diesel Driver. Both figures have at least one moveable arm which was very useful because I was able to position them as I wanted. The seated workman normally has a mug in his hand. I cut it off with a scalpel and smoothed the hand with wet and dry paper. The photo above shows the figures with the arms attached and mounted on matchsticks to make it easier to paint them.

Here are the painted figures. I must admit I do enjoy painting figures. I got stuck in and forgot to photograph them until I’d finished.

I mounted the ‘seated workman’ on the red loco.

And the ‘diesel driver’ in the brown Hunslet loco

I am pleased with the drivers, I think they have added the ‘finishing touch’ to these two locos.




Zen and the Art of Figure Painting

Monty's Models Figures

I’ve decided I like painting figures. After a day at work it’s great to sit down and paint some figures. There’s something relaxing about it, something meditative.

These figures are from Monty’s Models, and the larger packing case (with the dog on it) is from Dart Castings. Jolly nice they are too. I particularly like the housewife in her pinny!

Fixing Figures

Figures Mounted on Wires

As the scenery on the layout is progressing well, my thoughts have turned to populating the layout. I wasn’t sure of the best way of fixing figures in place. I thought of gluing them but I didn’t want to risk getting blobs of glue around their feet. I posted a question on the Narrow Gauge Railway Modelling Forum and got lots of good advice, which I followed to the letter. Here it is:

  • Use a pin vice and a 0.55mm to drill a hole up the leg of the figure. I managed to drill a hole about 5mm deep.
  • Super glue a 0.45mm diameter brass wire inside the hole. I’m told brass wire is good because it will flex if the figure is knocked. This reduces the risk of the figure breaking.
  • To fix the figure in place drill an 8mm deep hole and drop the wire into it.
  • Some people glue the brass wire in place. Others don’t. This allows them to swop the figures every now and then to change the appearance of the layout. I like this idea.
  • For animals, such as sheep, drill the body so you can fix the wire close to the inside of one of the back legs. The wire runs behind the leg into the layout and can’t be seen.

The method works like a dream. Thanks to everyone who gave me advice.

I mentioned I like the idea of swopping the figures from time to time. Without glue it’s amazing how easy is is to put different figures on the coaling stage….

Swopping Figures

Now I just need to paint the figures….