The Final Detailing?

Cottage GardenFor some time I have wanted to complete the gardens around the cottages. I had intended to add colourful flowers and beehives to create picturesque cottage gardens.

When I looked at it more carefully I realised that the colours would draw the viewers eye straight to the gardens… and away from the trains. So I decided to take a more understated approach and use green bushes and foliage to blend the cottages into the scenery.

My only concession to colour is a flower pot, next to the door!

I had intended this to be the last job on ‘First’. However, rummaging through my bits box I found a Langley Street Lamp. In the dark winter evenings the passengers will need some light to guide them to the station platform, won’t they?

And they say layouts are never finished…

Cottage Garden 2




The Painting Spree Continues

Station BuildingThe painting production line has been in full swing. The latest item I’ve finished is the station building. It looked fantastic in pristine green and cream. But it was far too clean.

I weathered it by dry brushing with light grey, muddy brown and a hint of dark green. Acrylics are great for this. I brought in a large Citadel Drybrush too. I’m pleased that I did, it is excellent for weathering. There’s a nice video describing the technique here.

I have glued four pins to the inside of the model, one at each corner. These will help me attach the building to the platform. I will position the model, mark the location, add a small drop of glue to each pin, then gently push the building into place. The pins will pass through the card platform surface into the balsa wood layer below. I used a similar technique to fit the Bachmann buildings to the polystyrene hills on the layout and it worked well.

I finished making this kit in June and it sat around for three months before I started to paint it. Hey, it’s a hobby – I like to take my time!

Ballast and Buildings

Ballast and BuildingsI have ballasted the track on my little layout. I must admit the thought of sprinkling glue around the points made me a little nervous. When I started I found I enjoyed the job – it’s strangely relaxing. And, with a big of care, it worked out quite well.

I did manage to stick one point but it was only a small blob of glue and it was easy to remove. After a good session of track cleaning everything is working fine.

I couldn’t resist putting the buildings and walls roughly in place to see what it will look like. What do you think?

Platforms and Pagodas

Station PlatformI am starting to make the scenery for my layout. The platforms and station building seemed a good place to start.

As you can see I’ve made the station platform and a Wills Wayside Station kit.

The platforms are 7mm thick balsa wood, edged with Wills Dressed Stonework plastic sheet.

Platfrom Construction

For the platform surfaces I used 0.5mm thick artists card, cut to size and then inscribed to produce stone edging slabs. I borrowed this technique from David Burleigh who described it in the December 2014 issue of OO9 News.

For the goods platform I distressed the edge slightly to make it look like the slabs have been broken during years of loading and unloading.

Goods Platform

I found the goods van in a rummage box on the OO9 Society Sales Stand. I removed the chassis and cut one side to open the van doors.

I need to paint and weather the platforms and the buildings, but it’s a good start.

Were you expecting pagodas? Well, there are none. I thought the title ‘Platforms and Pagodas’ sounded better than ‘Platforms and Buildings’ and more people would read the blog! Did it work?